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June 15, 2009


Dominick Branigan

I completely agree with this and I really see myself working in the future within a customer retention department. My lecturer in college once told us in our marketing class that the companies of the future are those that are customer focused and those that understand the importance of customer retention. I also believe this completely and I have always developed the relationship with my clients from day one and continue providing the service they require. I also believe the product or service you provide may not be the market leader but if you can provide a customer focused service (No 1) to your clients you will continue to win there business.

jeanne bliss

Congrats on the upcoming book! Let me know how I can help get the word out!


Lee Levitt


Well said. In IDC sales engagement research, buyers tell us that while sales teams can win an opportunity through their salesmanship, many lose future opportunities based on what happens after the contract is signed.

The good news is that it's not the fault of the sales person or sales team. The bad news is that the problem is systemic -- based in compensation practices, sales metrics and other measures, and the focus on the thrill of the hunt.

Sales people don't get awards for keeping accounts. They get awards for winning new deals.

In today's market, with the pressures of sales productivity and profitability, a renewed emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer retention is critical. It doesn't take significant investments in new people and technology, just a shift in mindset and processes...and it's quite amazing how a little red ink will cause this to happen!

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