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June 22, 2009


Eduardo Montesinos

I read again all those messages about Reg...let me tell you it is totally true..Reg is awsome, as friend , as consultant he totally deserves a good rank reputation.

Eduardo Montesinos

Denis Gibbon

Reg is a friend of mine on Ryze. It was only fairly recently that I became aware of his outstanding computer expertise. I just knew I had to listen to whatever he said. Thanks to Reg, I was able to remove an infection from my machine that my paid online security system was unable to detect.


This is spot on in terms of relationship buidling. Reg is an awesome bloke and user of the LovingTech community where he frequents.

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Tracy Lewis

I got to know Reg on the Ryze network. I instantly liked him because he is kind and extremely helpful to all he comes in contact with.
Recently i had a serious emergency come up with my previous hosting company. Without Reg's help it would have been a total disaster.
Yet late at night after hours, i contacted him for his help and he immediately went into action to help me!
He then continued to make sure that he helped me through other small problems cleaning up the mess i had been left with from the other place.
Now where do you get service like that these days?
Its great knowing that there are still people out there in the world who TRULY GENUINELY care!
I adore reg's incredible sense of humor too, as he was able to take a stressful situation i had and yet make me walk away from it feeling that all was alright!
I would and will HIGHLY recommend him to anyone i meet.

Rebbekah White

Reg is a great man and over the past couple years whenever I had a problem with a site, or a clients site Reg has been there to help me. He has come to be the one I trust when I am stuck looking for information or am at my wit's end with a problem on my own sites. I "love" Reg as he is always there for me and has always been a great guy with a sense of humor that turns any situation around :)

Eduardo Montesinos

Reg is my friend from Ryze...three years (or so), now.

His friendly and higly proffesional advice was very helpful to SEO my web page ... I have it ranked first in google for some of the keywords my clients use to find services like mine (in Spanish:

Ian Cole

Mr. Dennis, that is an exemplary review of an exceptional man.

I know what you mean. When I started out in 2004 with a single site, I dealt with designers who always charged me for even asking the questions, then took days to complete a task which I now know was simple, but made things out to be complicated. I "met" Reg Charie early in 2005. I have never met Reg Charie in person either. He has been an unwavering source of truly expert advice, creates sites that are technically correct, initiates rapid implementation of changes, and teaches me about my applications so I understand why things are the way they are. He is forthright in how and what he does. He has created and guided me through several sites.
I recieve truly "Platinum" Service - even for a fun "Bronze" site like The Nothing Page.

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