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November 14, 2006


Edward J. Dever

Hi Lisa & Chuck,

You can't post this response due to the language, but I was reading your blog about your experience pulling out of the Dunkin' Donuts and it reminded me of what happened to me this summer while walking on Quincy Shore Drive......A "gentleman" in a van almost ran me over while I was walking on the sidewalk and he was turning into a driveway. After he slammed on his brakes just avoiding running me over on the sidewalk, he yelled out, "You @%#$&$@ Retard!"

Here's the kicker: It was a VHS Transportation van carrying mentally challenged adults! I too called the company and complained. I asked them to follow up with me as to how they might handle this situation, I never heard back.

I also emailed the head of Quincy Public School's transportation for the after-school programs with the mentally challenged (my old high school gym teacher) and he never responded.

Companies just don't "get it." Thomson & Thomson did "get it" at least when I worked there with you guys under Bob Becker. That's when we used to train people with the "Achieving Service Excellence" and Lisa Spiro. T&T was way out in front in investing in training (at least back then).

Anyway, Merry Christimas. I just starting reading your blog and it is interesting.

Eddie Dever (from the old EAS Team)

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