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November 09, 2006



One might be surprised to learn that Ritz Carlton is actually a brand of the Marriott Corpopration. So perhaps there were some considerations that might have come to bear in their decision about how to re-brand (perhaps they plan to sell more rooms to people from Asia who already know their brand -- and who might be the only ones able to travel and afford their rooms in 10 or 15 years from now!).

- David

Peter Marshall

The Ritz-Carleton name could not be used by the new ownership unless they contracted with Ritz to be the management company. Since Taj is also the management company, it will have to use its own flag. The only exception would be a franchise, where the ownership flags the property as a Hilton, Sheraton, etc and uses the reservation system, marketing, but it is not managed by Hilton, etc. Some major companies like Hyatt and probably Ritz do not do franchises.

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